Welcome to 4 Corners Yoga 

4 Corners Yoga, located in Durango, Colorado, offers classes for all levels in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.

"Iyengar Yoga, one of the world’s most widely-practiced forms, emphasizes correct alignment of

Iyengar Certification

all parts of the body within each yoga asana (posture). This precision of approach builds strength and stamina, balance and flexibility, and a new sense of well-being. Achieving meditation in action, the practitioner learns to exist fully and vibrantly in the present moment.”   (from the IYNAUS.org web site)

Join us at the historic Smiley Building (1309 E. Third Avenue, Room #32) in a fully equipped Iyengar yoga studio.  The studio has lots of natural light, a yoga horse and a large ropes wall.

For more information about Iyengar yoga, visit the Iyengar Yoga: National Association o f the United States web site at http://www.iynaus.org